Honda Civic Tourer

Honda Civic Tourer Pushes Rumor Mill into Overdrive – But what’s All the Hype About?

Have you heard any of the rumors about Honda’s upcoming Civic Tourer model? We thought as much. Sometimes a new release makes such a splash in the automotive world that petrol heads are talking about it months before it has put one tire on the road and that’s just what’s happening with the Honda Civic Tourer.

It was officially unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September but with retail release not scheduled until 2014, just what is all the hype surrounding it really about? And is it enough to retain consumer interest over coming months? The Hype It’s been long in the making and the Honda Civic Tourer has some big expectations to meet.

Honda Civic Tourer

 Rumors have highlighted decent efficiency, plenty of internal space and a competitive price tag as key features, with the family-focused car primed to tick all the boxes on any motorists score sheet. Visually, the car was expected to impress too, with plenty of rumors circulating over how the manufacturer would improve the external and internal design to enhance comfort and practicality, whilst still maintaining an attractive look on the road.

The reality Developed in Europe specifically for the European market, manufacturer claims state that the Honda Civic Tourer has the best seats-up storage capacity for its class at 624 liters, with this expanding to a cavernous 1,668 liters when seats are folded flat. An unusual floor design in the boot is the cause behind this. It features a completely flat surface with a low load floor; features available due to the fact Honda have places the fuel tank under the front seats to free up space at the rear.

In another unusual move chassis setting have been tuned by Honda with automatic adaptive dampers found on the rear axle. Honda has consistently positioned itself as a brand that dares to be different – just look at any of their innovative adverts or this crazy 130mph ride-on lawnmower.

Externally, the Civic Tourer uses flared rear wheel arches, a floating roof, complete with aluminum rails and a light bar between the tail lamps for an added injection of style. Visibility is improved thanks to some clever external styling and this means we can expect the car to be as comfortable and practical as it is stylish.

2014 release with the reality of the Honda Civic Tourer living up to and maybe even exceeding the hype around it, the 2014 release to the public market is sure to be a big hit with motorists. For those ready to choose their model now, you’ll get the choice of two engines: the 1.6 liter I-DTEC diesel and the 1.8-liter petrol, which both have manual and automatic transmission options. Order bookings will open this December with the first deliveries planned for February 2014.

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