Purchasing a Used Car

How to Avoid Being Scammed While Purchasing a Used Car?

Scams at used car dealerships are on the rise and when you are purchasing a used vehicle, it is your job to not fall for different kind of scams the sales people at these dealerships expose you to. In order to do this, it is important that you have the inside information about the used car scams. You need to have an understanding of the real worth of a used car and it would certainly pay off to find out the bad choices and avoid them.

Be Cautious Dealing with Independent Sellers and Small Dealerships You should always be suspicious whenever you meet an independent seller or step into a dealership you didn’t visit earlier. You don’t necessarily have to adopt this approach when you are visiting a reputed used car dealer like Pentagon Group as these dealers have earned a certain reputation over a period of years and they are not interested in playing cheap tricks to drive their sales.

Purchasing a Used Car

At Pentagon cars in top condition can be easily found, and the salesmen have years of experience to not only give you real details of the vehicle you are interested in, but they also assist you with other aspects of used car buying. This kind of service is certainly not common across all the dealerships.

Don’t Hurry Things Up You can easily find yourself a dealer who tells you that the deal that they are offering you is only good for today, and the price will go up tomorrow. Even an independent seller can prompt you to make the booking on the same day saying he might sell it to someone else the next day. You can also be suspicious if you see a sales person trying to change his offer very quickly as per your needs and comforts; in this case, you have every reason to doubt what he is doing.

Walk Off if the Asking Price is Unreasonable If you see a particular sales person quoting very high compared to what you estimated then you know you should start looking at the other options, rather than trying to negotiating. A difference of few pounds here and there is reasonable, but if you see a big difference, which is in excess of several hundred pounds then you have to either leave the place or talk to someone senior at the dealership to save your time and efforts.

Know the Local Consumer Protection Body to Protect Your Rights Make sure you know the contact details of your local consumer protection body should you find yourself getting duped by the seller. At times, the people at dealerships choose not to explain your technical jargons about warranties, taxes etc.

Make sure you know all about these terms so that you are able to catch them and keep yourself on the safer side. Ask them in detail about cancellation or return policies. Some of the dealers would just give you the car for a small deposit up front, but if you think of returning it the next day, they won’t accept. Tony Rogers is a professional auto reviewer and he also owns a used car dealership in Liverpool. He often writes articles on new car releases, car selling and buying tips and other auto related articles on his auto blog.

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