Best Family Car

The Best Family Car Available

A family car is no longer that easy to pin down. It needs to suit everybody who rides in it as well as drives it. It needs to be versatile, have plenty of room, be practical and be fun to drive. And for that reason there are not many models that can truly be classed as a family car.

A car that has burst onto the stage recently and shows no signs of going back behind the curtain is the Skoda Yeti. Now, I know that some of you will be screaming that it isn’t a family car and its design leans towards off reading or the Chelsea Tractor, but when you look at the requirements listed above it has them all, and for a great price. It is available in two-wheel drive as well as four and has a good ecofriendly efficient choice of engines. In fact, this is probably the one for the others to look to beat.

Best Family Car

The Ford Focus has been around for quite some time now and sales are well into the millions. However, the designers have not taken their pedal off the gas and the current model is still a great family car. It is fun to drive and pretty roomy and the engines on the more expensive models are very economical. That said it is here that the problems lay. It is pretty expensive by the time you add a few extras which will certainly dissuade some potential customers.

Volkswagen have been churning out the Golf in various guises for longer than Ford have been pushing the Focus and it has changed appearance quite considerably in that time. Although it is not as good to drive as the Ford it does have a feel of luxury, quality and, dare I say it, fashion appeal. They are well equipped and they tend to hold their value well. They are, however, pretty expensive to start with and many of the standard features that are found in comparable models are classed as extras.

Some car manufacturers have realized that cars do not have to be big to be spacey. Toyota has proven this with the Verso, which is surprisingly roomy for a small car. At less than 4 meters in length you would be forgiven for thinking that the inside would be cramped, and you would be wrong. There is plenty of space for five adults and the smart design leaves more room for luggage.

The design is pretty good making the car quite desirable to look at and you get plenty of gadgets as standard. This is a family car that can take on models from the category above and come out on top. It is fun to drive and there is plenty of choice in engines and scope, from run around to sporty. A reasonable price backs everything up to make this a pretty good all round package. The only downfall is that there is no diesel engine option.

So whatever you need from a family car there is without a doubt a great choice out there. From the rugged Skoda to the surprising Toyota it is all there waiting for a test drive.

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