What Happens When You Park In A Disabled Spot

If you are wondering what disabled parking is then it is a parking spot reserved for people with special needs. Only a disabled person is allowed to park in that spot. There are several parking facilities available in the cities or small towns which offer great assistance to the disabled people.

For instance, they always get a chance to park first if they’re parking in a private space. If not then they have separate disabled parking bays which have wide sections over normal parking sections. It allows people to easily drive through parking for easy access. They always get to park in the prime parking spots close to the building entrance. These parking bays are made for the use of disabled people and they are marked by signs and symbols which makes it easier for people to understand.

Local authorities are not obligated to provide parking bays to the disabled people but they do help and arrange parking spaces and make a ramp for disabled people so they can move their wheelchairs in the parking easily.

On the other side, commercial places like supermarkets and shopping centers have no legal obligations related to creating parking spaces for disabled people. They can build a parking place inside the building by keeping all the specific requirements (a ramp to allow wheelchair) access in mind. This policy may look simple though it helps to target a lot of customers. Most of the disabled people often avoid travelling because of the parking issues their vehicle have to face. But with disabled parking spaces, it is now easier for them to visit commercial places and have fun.

With increasing parking space, people must understand they should only park on the right parking spots. There are a lot of people who use space for two minutes and they leave after that. However, the other person might not think that way and park somewhere else. This ongoing parking process occupies all the parking places which makes people believe that there are no spaces left for others to park. It creates a rush for other drivers which make them park in no parking zone or restricted parking for disables. This practice is very common in big cities where people don’t think twice before violating any parking rule. Also, it makes them get a parking ticket for breaking the law.


There are some strict parking policies and penalties for people who park in the disabled parking spot. Every country runs a strong policy of enforcement regarding spaces reserved places. A fixed charge or fine is issued to the drivers who park their cars in disabled parking spaces. The local authorities are also obligated to clamp the vehicles of the unknown person and charge him with a solid fee.

According to the Road Traffic Act 2002, there is a fee which is fixed for common parking offenses but when you break a strict policy by parking into disabled parking to get to pay more and you can even lose your driving license.

Every available parking space is designated to the people with a sign or symbol showing its accessibility. You should respect all other citizens and must follow all the traffic and parking rules to avoid penalties and tickets.

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